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Sep 17, 2013

MOSIPS will be presented to the Italian Eclipse Community

Presentation submitted to the Italian Eclipse Community during its VIII Workshop. Crema (Italy). On 19th and 20th, September 2013

Jul 02, 2013

The MOSIPS project presented during the Public Sector Consulting Master in the "XVIII Summer School framework"

Presentation of MOSIPS project submitted to the Public Sector Consulting master carried out during the XVIII Summer School framework, hosted by the "Illustrious National College of PhDs and Graduates in Political Science and Sociology". Madrid (Spain). On 2nd, July 2013.

Jun 19, 2013

MOSIPS presented at the event Smart City+ in Horizon 2020

Presentation of MOSIPS at the event "Smart City+ in Horizon 2020". Madrid (Spain). On 19th, June 2013.

Nov 07, 2012

ePractice Case MOSIPS: Modeling and Simulation of the Impact of Public Policies on SMEs

Case submitted to ePractice site, portal created by the European Commission for the professional community of eGovernment, eInclusion and eHealth practitioners. Online. On 7th, November 2012

Nov 06, 2012

The MOSIPS system, a simulation tool to improve the policy-making process and the transparency in the governments

Presentation submitted to the event “Improving transparency in government decision making”. Brussels (Belgium). On 6th, November 2012.

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