Jul 3, 2013
MOSIPS presented as a case of success in Public Sector Consulting Master

Anova IT Consulting presented the MOSIPS project to the XVIII Summer School Course hosted by the "Illustrious National College of PhDs and Graduates in Political Science and Sociology".

On 2nd of July, during the XVIII Summer School Course of the "Illustrious National College of PhDs and Graduates in Political Science and Sociology", MOSIPS, a project cofounded by the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme [FP7/2007-2013], was presented to the students in the Master of Public Sector Consulting.

The main goal of the XVIII Summer School Course for the Public Sector Consulting is to train as consulting professionals, graduates in Political Science and Sociology, in order to pursue their professional career in the working area related to consulting projects co-financed by the European Union. The MOSIPS case was introduced as a successful case to the attendees, which made possible for the audience understand, in a practical way, how a co-financed project by the European Union successfully occurs. MOSIPS's presentation gave students a basic knowledge and tools to professionally enter this working area.

Alba Rocío Perez (Anova IT Consulting) was in charge of presenting the progress made in the MOSIPS project and explaining to the audience the features and future opportunities of the project once it will be completed.

The project, led by Anova IT Consulting (Spain), will last 36 months with a total cost of 3.443.130€. The partners involved are: Universidad de Alcalá (Spain), Research Studio Austria Forschungsgesellschaft (Austria), University of Reading (United Kingdom), Opera 21 (Italy), University of Konstanz (Germany), European Institute of Interdisciplinary Research (France), Ayuntamiento de Madrid (Spain) and Comune di Verona (Italy).

More information HERE.

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