Sep 17, 2013
MOSIPS will be presented in the VIII Workshop of the Italian Eclipse Community

Opera21 will present the MOSIPS project to the Eclipse-IT 2013, the VIII Workshop of the Italian Eclipse Community.

Next 19th of September, Opera21 presents the MOSIPS project in the "Eclipse-IT 2013", the 8th Workshop of the Italian Eclipse Community.

Opera21, showing the use of open source products and Eclipse platform & plugins in Research and Development projects, presents with a slides section some of the main characteristics and the current status of the MOSIPS project in the Research & Industry section of the Eclipse-IT 2013 Workshop.

This workshop is the eighth yearly meeting of the Italian Eclipse Community, which includes universities, public institutions and industries, researchers and practitioners, students and professionals; all joined by the interest in promoting, experimenting, extending, and supporting the Eclipse platform.

Also this year much interesting for the Workshop are both topics regarding Public Institutions or Administration and any aspect about Eclipse and related technologies. More specifically it is of interest the theme: Cooperative software development for mobile applications.

The Workshop will be held on 19th and 20th of September, 2013, in the Computer Science Department of the University of Milan, located at Crema, Italy.

More information HERE.

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