Sep 24, 2013
MOSIPS SMEs engagement session in Toledo's Living Lab

Anova IT Consulting presented the MOSIPS Solution in Toledo’s Living Lab with a wide audience of local SMEs.

In the framework of the SMEs engagement strategy, MOSIPS project has been presented during an open day of the Toledo's Living Lab, a public space (managed by FEDETICAM – Federation of ICT Companies of Castilla y La Mancha region – together with – the public corporate entity attached to the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (MINETUR) which is responsible for promoting the development of the Information Society in Spain) aimed at promoting innovative technology products and services in the SMEs regional collective.

After the presentation, performed by Paolo D’Arminio (MOSIPS Project Coordinator) a questionnaire has beendistributed among the participants in order to let them express their priorities in terms of presentation of the final results of the decision making process. This survey is the mechanism being part of the implementation of the engagement system. The goal of this survey is to collect SMEs communities’ feedback on the range and scope of practical implementation of the system in terms of its use cases and the variables selected to present the final results of SMEs’ polices simulation for taking policy decisions, performed by MOSIPS.

Action like these are part of the important phase of the project for the stakeholders engagement process where SMEs representation can express their priorities in terms of the presentation of the final results of decision making process. The results of this survey will directly support the final stage of MOSIPS system development.

The SMEs themselves are not the direct group of users of MOSIPS system, which is explicitly designed for policy makers as the major group of stakeholders. Therefore this action has a supportive character to explore how this kind of solution could also served as a link between the policy designers and the interested group towards which the polices are implemented.

The main objective of the MOSIPS project is to design and develop a policy-making decision support tool in order to significantly improve the quality of policies implemented by public authorities at any administrative level. It also aims to facilitate citizens the access to meaningful information about the expected outcomes of policies designed for the region /area they live at, promoting their engagement and active participation in the policy-making and implementation process. Theseobjectives will be achieved by developing a user-friendly policy simulationsystem allowing forecasting and visualizing the socio-economic potential impact of public policies. This will allow policy makers to make experiments with different socio-economic designs, with the participation of citizens and potentially impacted stakeholders, before a public policy is settled. It will also allow the different stakeholders to participate into the process and better understand different possible scenarios and their side effects.

The project, led by Anova IT Consulting (ES), will last 36 months with a total cost of 3,5€ Millons. The partners involved are: Universidad de Alcalá (ES), Research Studio Austria(AU), The University of Reading (UK), Opera21 (IT), The University of Konstanz (DE), European Institute of Interdisciplinary Research (FR), Municipality of Madrid (ES) and Municipality of Verona (IT).

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