Sep 16, 2014
The MOSIPS Consortium will meet in Verona, Italy, in order to discuss the activities for the project finalization

The large involvement of the stakeholders and the final end-users validation activities will be the core of the meeting work.

On September 17th and 18th the entire MOSIPS project consortium will meet in Verona, Italy, in order to plan and overview the activities required in order to achieve a successful completion of the project activities.

Located in the wonderful scenario of the Barbieri Palace and hosted by the Consortium Partner Municipality of Verona, the 9 consortium members will overview all the activities performed so far and plan the last months tasks aimed at a large involvement of the project identified stakeholders.

MOSIPS (Modeling and simulation of the impact of public policy measures on SMEs) aims at creating a tool for simulation and visualization of socio -economic impact of public policies and more specifically the measures focused on SMEs. Led by the Anova IT Consulting, is funded under the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme, having a budget of €3.5 million. In its execution involved public and private entities of Spain, Italy, UK, Austria and France, involving in the experimental part the City of Madrid (Spain) and the City of Verona (Italy).

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