Feb 19, 2015
Third Experts Group Meetings for the MOSIPS Project

Next Tuesday February 24th, the Third Experts Group meeting for the MOSIPS project will take place in the University of Alcalá (Alcalá de Henares, Madrid – Spain).

In it, several experts invited by the MOSIPS project consortium will debate on the last trend in public policies simulation technologies for SMEs, guiding and helping the project consortium in undertaking the correct activities in order to implement a solution effective and efficient for different policy designers and public policies stakeholders. Moreover, the experts will have the possibility to play with the developed simulator, providing additional useful feedback for the project consortium.

Organized around three roundtables on good practices in measuring the impact of public policies on SMEs and a practical testing session, the day will constitute an opportunity to share experiences and knowledge of the participants and allow critically reflecting on the European initiatives.

Representatives of different regional, national and European PAs will discuss, together with representatives of the MOSIPS consortium and representatives of SMEs associations, on the various aspects related to the deployment of innovative e-Governance solutions and how standards are important in this kind of activities.

MOSIPS (Modeling and simulation of the impact of public policy measures on SMEs) aims at creating a tool for simulation and visualization of socio -economic impact of public policies and more specifically the measures focused on SMEs. Led by the Anova IT Consulting, is funded under the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme, having a budget of €3.5 million. In its execution involved public and private entities of Spain, Italy, UK, Austria and France, involving in the experimental part the City of Madrid (Spain) and the City of Verona (Italy).

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